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When you need to hire a team member, whether it’s for a temporary opening or a full-time addition to your staff, you want the right candidate, fast. At ATS, we pride ourselves on delivering the information technology talent you need.

Our IT Staffing Services

Shorten the distance between your hiring need and an exemplary addition to your team. Let us conduct your search for the right person with one of our flexible technology staffing solutions.

Temporary Staffing

From last minute fill-ins to long-term project staff, we provide temporary employees with the knowledge, skills and experience you require. Whether you are looking to extend your team’s resources or free key personnel to focus on more critical tasks, ATS can supply temporary workers, IT consultants or contractors for:

  • Short and long-term projects
  • Leaves of absence
  • Seasonal support
  • Vacation coverage


Make your next hire with confidence. With our temp-to-hire IT staffing services, you can try out a new employee on the job before obligating to a full-time hiring decision. During the trial period, the new employee works as an ATS temporary employee, and at the end of the assignment, if you like the person, you may choose convert that individual to your staff.

Direct Hire

Shorten your search for top technology talent. ATS will take 100 percent responsibility for finding the candidates you want to hire. As your information technology recruiting partner, we will manage all aspects of the hiring process, including:

  • Developing the job description
  • Profiling your ideal candidate
  • Creating a sourcing strategy
  • Recruiting candidates
  • Completing telephone screens and in-person interviews
  • Administering assessment tests
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Development and presentation of job offers

Why Companies Use ATS Consultants

Consultants Bring Focus

They’re not involved in office politics. They don’t have to attend all of the meetings. They don’t get distracted by the normal productivity-killing activities that your staff does. They come in and do the job.

Consultants Are Simple to Cost

You can clearly identify what the cost is to bring in a technology consultant to contribute to your organization.

Consultants May Be Cheaper Than You Think

They are focused and generally more productive than your staff.

Consultants Often Bring Diverse Experience

IT consultants offer a breadth of experience that often crosses many different industries. Frequently, consultants bring a horizontal viewpoint to a vertical organization.

You Don’t Have Time

This is the major reason consultants are out there. They can come into your organization and take care of projects that you just don’t have time to deal with. It might be a stack of paperwork you haven’t gotten through, or it might be managing a large IT project. Either way, you need help.


In many cases, you hire an IT consultant because they have expertise you don’t have.

Skills Transfer

Maybe you do want your staff to have some new expertise and skills. However, you also need to get the project going immediately, and you don’t have the ability to get your staff trained in time. You engage a consultant to kick-off the project and train your staff … giving them not only the skills, but the experience in the real world.

Fresh Perspective

You know the old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Sometimes you just need a fresh look at your problem, and a consultant, who has been doing this type of work at a variety of companies, can give you that perspective.

You Need to Separate a Project or Job From Your Regular Operations

You’ve been handed a task, which is outside of and unrelated to your normal operations. If you pay too much attention to it, you’ll lose focus on what’s really important. Consultants can take care of those tasks for you.

“Just-in-Time Talent” Provides an Enormous Amount of Flexibility

Consultants offer “staff elasticity.” Perfect for when you’ve just won a contract or a project and need to “ramp up” quickly. Consultants provide the perfect solution when a key member of your staff suddenly leaves or you find yourself downsizing but still need to get work done.

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Who We Recruit

Let us help you meet all of your business demands, prepare for rapidly diversifying environments and adjust efficiently to changing demand. We actively recruit for a whole host of positions and skill sets including (but not limited to):

  • Software Development
  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • Management
  • Graphical User Interface Development
  • Performance Management
  • Web Presence Planning and Development
  • Technology Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Internet Security Architecture
  • Network Infrastructure Planning 
  • Network Management
  • Report Designers and Developers
  • Instructional Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Product Management
  • Technical Writing

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Client FAQs

How much will it cost my company?

The cost to you will vary based on several factors, including account volume, acquisition costs and lead time for our staffing managers. ATS is committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive price.

What is the process for finding employees through ATS?

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. ATS will get the details of the position from you so we will send the most qualified applicants for your needs. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position, we can select the best candidates.

You will be asked to complete a credit application and provide wage information as well as a job description for the position. We will provide a rate letter to you and information about our services and our policies.

How long will it take to have an employee in our company?

The timeframe for successfully finding an employee for you is going to vary based on our current employee base and your specific needs. We are committed to sending the most qualified applicants. You may decide to look at the most qualified applicants and do an interview, or we can fill a position based on the qualifications you provide.

What kind of background checks do you provide?

Every applicant is reference checked based on the work history provided by the applicant. We have some clients request a drug screen, driving record screen or criminal background check. ATS can provide these services as well as meet any other needs you might have for background or security checks. These can be coordinated through our office for a fee, or you may decide to do them yourself through your usual service providers.

What if I am not satisfied with an employee placed by ATS?

We realize that not every job is a fit for every person, and sometimes that is not clear until the person is working. Our temporary-to-hire program provides an opportunity for you to see an employee in the work setting and determine if they will be someone you want to hire. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we can replace them. We also offer direct placement services and guarantees vary based on the contract for each client.

What kind of jobs do you fill?

ATS is a full-service staffing company, and we handle positions in all areas of information technology (and more). By having a broad base of applicants, as well as various recruiting resources, we can meet your needs in most areas of your business.

Why should I use your service instead of filling the position on my own?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees and feel our greatest resource is our past, present and future employees. The screening process for our applicants allows us to best match their skills and training to the positions. 

By using the temporary-to-hire program with ATS, the hiring risk is out of your hands. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we can replace them, and you have not made the investment of hiring them onto your payroll. We cover workers’ compensation and unemployment costs as well as taking away the stress of recruiting and sorting through applicants for the ones who are qualified. ATS invests in our own employees by providing training and certification for all of our office staff. We can be a resource to you when questions arise about staffing and employment.